Open protocol for digital (Land) ownership of Earth


Ethereum ERC-721 NFT DAO

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Your Land

Bringing earth to the blockchain

0xEarth breaks the world up into roughly ~(1 acre or 4045 sq m) blocks, generating a unique non-fungible token for each. Meaning 1 of 1 unique ownership. Buy the Land your house sits on, where you proposed, or even Land you think may generate high value in rent demand!

Each LAND can provide immediate revenue streams. You can optionally allow someone else to rent your LAND for use at the price you decide, while always maintaining ownership.

Fully decentralized tokenized Land of Earth.

0xEarth Ecosystem

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Current roadmap for 2020

March 18th

Main Net Deployment

Deployment of the 0xEarth ERC-721 token smart contract

March 23rd

LAND Sale Phase 1

First phase of initial LANDs sale, 150 LANDs will be listed on OpenSea.

April 6th

ArWrld Launch

Public launch of the ArWrld Android app. Melding 3d mapping, Augmented Reality, and 0xEarth.

April 9th

LAND Sale Phase 2

Second phase of LANDs will be listed for sale, with the community picking LANDs to be listed.

April 30th dApp Launch

Full Web3 dApp leveraging 0xMap will be launched. Enabling browsing minted LANDs, LAND rents available, LAND Marketplace, and more.


Open LAND sale

Any prior unsold / unminted LAND will be fully available by directly paying into the 0xEarth ecosystem.


Transfer 0xEarth NFT to DAO control